What Are the Steps for Going to Accounting School?

If you're looking to go to accounting school, it's important to think about what your career path is likely to be. The system we use in the United States makes it possible for folks to graduate with an associate's degree and find work, but there are also higher requirements. Someone who wants to be a full CPA has to complete 150 hours of college credits, which is essentially the equivalent of getting both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, before they're allowed to sit for their exam.

2 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children To Private School

The education that your children receive during their formative years can make a big difference in the trajectory of their lives. They need to learn the fundamentals such as reading, writing, and arithmetic but true learning goes farther than this. Although there might be some public schools in your area that you can send your children to it could prove to be much better for you to enroll them in a private school.