How To Use Educational Media To Get Better Employees

Employees are only worth their level of education. If you have employees that are decent workers, but lack enough education and training, you have two choices; let them go or make them better. You can make better employees through the use of educational media. Here is how.

Hire an Educational Media Company to Make Training Videos

Educational media companies focus on helping you create training videos that keep your employees up-to-date with their training. You can also create a series of videos that increase the education levels of the employees, enhancing the college or technical school degrees they currently hold. Additionally, the educational media company can provide training and transferable education credits with connections they have with local colleges and technical schools of higher learning.

Develop a Video Training Library

Since you do not want to take valuable work time away from your employees, give them permission to watch training videos on their own time. Then they log the training time on the company computer or a log kept in the training video library. If you have a video training library, employees can check out training videos to watch at home.

They have to answer a corresponding sheet of questions for each video to make sure they have actually watched the material. Then they can get paid for this time. Employees love this approach because they complete the required training on their own time and can pad their paychecks in the process. Employers love this approach because it encourages employees to complete the training with extra dollars and gets them to work while they are not at work!

Develop Training Series That Can Be Applied Toward a Promotion

The more educated and well-trained employees can put in for a promotion. To make things fair, all employees who want the same promotion have to complete a couple of training series that apply to the position. They also have to demonstrate that they have other credentials and training that fits the job, but when you have equally-qualified candidates, the completion of these training series on video can be the real tie-breaker.

Extra videos to watch that are entirely optional can motivate employees to go above and beyond in an attempt to secure the desired position. Then you get the most highly-qualified employees within the company climbing the corporate ladder faster than they could with any other company. These employees will also stay longer to work for you out of a sense of loyalty.