Three Career Fields For Ambitious Millennials That Don't Involve Sitting Behind A Desk

If you're like many millennials, you may be struggling with making a solid career decision. You may, for instance, realize that there are many opportunities in high tech but nonetheless have a strong desire to do something that doesn't involve sitting behind a desk -- and you also may be wishing for a career that provides you with an opportunity to travel as a part of your job. Fortunately, options are available for those who would prefer not to spend their working lives stuck in an office. Following are just three of the many career paths open to millennials that offer travel possibilities, adventure, and minimal, if any, time sitting behind a desk. 

Physician's Assistants 

If you like working with people and making a real difference in their quality of life, you might want to investigate the possibility of becoming a physician's assistant. Like many of those working in the medical field, travel opportunities are abundant. You can sign on with various hospitals and clinics across the country for short periods of time, or you can join international organizations that will provide you with the chance to work in some of the planet's most far-flung places. You could spend a few months in Antarctica, for instance, and then go on to work and live in an island paradise in the South Pacific for the next several months. 

Commercial Pilots 

Becoming a commercial pilot provides worldwide employment opportunities ranging from conducting flightseeing tours in stunningly scenic National Parks to working for a commercial airline. If passenger flights aren't your thing, plenty of jobs exist for cargo pilots -- today's global marketplace means that goods are being shipped all over the world, creating plenty of opportunities for cargo flight services. You could also consider hiring on with a medical transport service or with a government agency such as the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. If you dream of traveling to exotic parts of the globe and staying in luxury accommodations, you could seek employment as a private pilot with a wealthy individual. Contact a training center, like Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, for more information.

International Tour Guides 

English speaking tour guides are in big demand all over the world as more and more Americans expand their travel horizons. International tour guides can find work with individual travel companies, but they can also choose to freelance, which allows them to pick and choose their own schedule. This is a dream job for those who love working with people and have a zest for exploring new places.